Hectic Eclectic and Galerie Leontime

Seagrove Beach History

hectic eclectic

Hectic Eclectic was a Seattle’s Best Coffee shop with an eclectic inventory of art items
and furniture opened by Lou Majors in 1997 in the former Sharp Gallery Building in Seagrove
Beach FL (pictured above).

Galerie Leontine was a beautiful art gallery opened in 1998 by Lou Majors in the same location
adjacent to Hectic Eclectic and featured some of the finest artists in the world including the
work of Thomas ‘Pete’ Ellis.

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Grayton Beach Grille

Grayton Beach Grille 1998
a restaurant started by Lou Majors
and partner off 30A in Grayton
Beach in 1998.

Grayton Beach Grille

Grayton Beach Grille

Grayton Beach Grille

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What Is Existence?

Existence is ‘always present’ – that’s what ETERNITY means.
Existence is a repetitive cycle of the energy of consciousness
infinitely expressing itself, unfolding and folding patterns
through the prime fractal.

More here:


Text Only Copyright © 1999-2014 Lou Majors

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Amazon Kindle – STEP3 A Supreme Beings Guide To Existence

Book reviews are starting to come in for Lou Majors new book STEP3 A Supreme Being’s Guide
To Existence and the reviews are good! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I8UQSKA

From David:

It helped me breaking through the small world in my mind that I have been living through my entire life that is structured by society, media, school, and everything from the world. And best of all, this author, Lou Majors, have explained everything how the whole reality works, especially in science ways. It is what made my mind starting to ‘observe’ the world and analyze how thing work with my own experiment by doing the shifting between different realities.

Usually when I read about infamous “Law of Attraction” from “The Secret”, Abraham Hicks, and many other similar teachings, they always give my mind difficult time to understand and grasp the concept of how it work. And yet, Lou’s book (STEP 3) goes into every details with his whole own experiments and his own understanding that blow my mind apart and allowed me to see at the reality in new perspective.

Lou spend decades experimenting, studying, and have gone through lengthy journey to understand how the reality work and I have never ever seen such incredible masterpiece like this. Even famous, highly respected physicist Michio Kaku have respect for Lou majors work.

Be prepared because this book will blow your mind out of your brain with deep perspective that will allow you to question how everything work and how our consciousness plays big roles in our experiences. Do yourself a favor, please give STEP3 a chance and you will not regret it. Even if you believe it or not, at least you have information that will make you realize something in your own ways in your own times.

And as living proof that STEP3 have changed my life, I am born with Usher Syndrome that caused full deaf with low visions. I was thrown through so many challenges in my life with so much fears that was building up inside me through my life. When I met Lou Majors for the first time, he shared his story with me where he did something he thought wasn’t possible until he did it. He turned his impossible into possible.

After learning what he understood about how we are living supreme being inside us where our consciousness affects our experiences and sharing it with me, I made big changes in my life. It gave me so much hopes to live for my dreams and this time, I broke out from my comfortable zone and actually worked lot on shifting my mind from old limited mindset to beyond of it, into the unknown world. Going into complete unknown was most frighten thing I have ever done and I have NO regret for it.

The result of facing into unknown and changing my mindset with STEP3, I finally am living in my dream for a start that I thought wasn’t possible until I met Lou Majors. I will never forget and is forever thankful to his hard work he have shared with me that broke me from limited known world into limitless unknown world inside us.

See for yourself … check out Amazon Digital Kindle Store‘s site for STEP3 A Supreme Beings Guide
To Existence.

See all reviews here at Amazon Books.


Text Only Copyright © 1999-2014 Lou Majors

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DMT – What’s NEXT After DMT?

. .. . E v o l u t i o n !

DMT is a valid way to get a glimpse of multidimensional environments.

But what do you do after that?
How do you graduate to become a genuine conscious being who can explore our
collective omnipresence in all dimensions and levels of existence?

Everything you need to know is in this 500 page how-to guide manual
researched and compiled after 40 years of research and application.


. . .. Start your journey today!



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How To Get High Without Drugs Is Now An EBook

The desire to get high is a natural impulse everyone possesses
buried beneath layers of ‘the acceptable ways to pleasure our self.

Are you tired of weed and papers and pipes and sneaking around and paying
your hard earned cash to get high? If you’re willing to do a little work
and train yourself to reach those altered states which are already places
in your consciousness I can show you how. Think of the money you’ll save
and the best part is it’s not illegal.

You and I are energy that has evolved objective
awareness and intelligence.

There’s lots of reasons we like to get HIGH…it is a spiritual
or energetic experience… unconsciously we are driven to reconnect with our
collective self (or the unified field), and we want to feel the energy and BLISS
of that connection.

As energy we are REALLY already connected to everyone and everything….

Well…you might rightfully ask…why doesn’t it feel true?

And you’ll get the answer in my course lessons… HERE

P.S. It’s not just teaching you meditation.



Copyright 2014 Lou Majors All rights reserved.

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Lou Majors New Book Out – STEP3 Our Multidimensional Transformation


The Dreamer Awakes To Primary Consciousness


NOW a book!
Multidimensional exploration, shifting to alternative event streams and parallel universes, overcoming space and time to live
as a Supreme Being. Does that sound like a sci-fi fantasy? Something for the future? Well it’s not a fantasy, the
information is available NOW.

STEP3 is the result of 40 years of research, and 7 years of writing plus testing with a internet audience of over 280,000
readers to work out the kinks and provide our species (and you) with the ultimate guide to transform you life experience
and empower you to new levels of happiness.

This 466 page smorgasbord of information will provide the informational background and exercises you need to complete your
evolution to your genuine self and power. You could call it “The Supreme Beings Guide To Infinity”.Including these most popular articles:

Crossing Into Parallel Universes or HOW TO TRAVEL To Other Universes
How To Get HIGH Without Drugs
SIX Exercises To Expand and Evolve NOW!
Top Five Questions You Should Ask Yourself
What is Step 3 ?
Understanding The Nature Of Existence
Step One To Evolving Past Homo Sapien
Instant Manifestation
Relocating To An Alternative Reality Or Parallel Universe – How To Shift
More On SHIFTING Changing Event Streams
SHIFTING Easier Faster Than The Law Of Attraction
Your Private Hidden Relocation Machine
Living As Your True Self
When SHIFTING Keep It To Yourself
Our Evolution Is Not A THEORY We Have To Take ACTION! Yes US! Yes NOW!
When Buddha Said Our World Is An ILLUSION He Meant It Is Temporary Not UNREAL!

CLICK here to download NOW


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